MerryMart plans to rollout smart lockers to ease delivery, reduce face-to-face contact

MBOX Outdoor with Phone

MANILA – MerryMart Consumer Corp on Thursday unveiled its plan to install smart lockers where customers can collect and drop off packages, making deliveries more safe and convenient during the pandemic.

The MBOX Smart Lockers is envisioned to become the largest locker chain in the country, the company said in a disclosure to the stock exchange. 

An initial 100 smart lockers will be rolled out in high-density cities, MerryMart branches, commercial centers, LGU halls, condominiums, subdivisions and office buildings across Metro Manila with a goal of laying out a network of 5,000 by 2030, MerryMart said.

The smart boxes will be accessible 24/7 for consumers at minimal or no additional costs, it added. 

Once a package arrives, the locker will send a pickup code through SMS or app notification to alert the receiver eliminating face-to-face contact, it said.

Accredited couriers by online sellers will deliver packages to MBOX lockers. Delivery riders will also be able to deliver multiple parcels in one secure location thereby saving time, reducing cost and minimizing failed deliveries, it said.

Smart lockers are common fixtures in other countries such as Singapore and Japan.

“This pandemic has seen a record rise in deliveries and has highlighted the need for a contactless efficient green delivery alternative. But beyond this, we believe that MBOX will improve Filipinos’ online purchase experience and give consumers, couriers and merchants a more convenient, efficient, and secure alternative of delivering and receiving packages,” said MerryMart Chairman Edgar “Injap” Sia II. 

“We envision MBOX to soon be a must-have in practically each and every strategic spot in the country,” he added. 


The MBOX venture will also become the first unit under MerryMart’s consumer technology portfolio, the company said. Businessman Edgar “Injap” Sia II’s grocery venture MerryMart also introduced the “dark grocery” concept last year.

E-commerce and logistics deliveries became the new norm as Filipinos were forced to stay indoors due to COVID-19 lockdowns. 

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