MBOX Smart Lockers is now in Iloilo City

MerryMart Consumer Corporation has rolled out two MBOX Smart Lockers in Iloilo City with special guest Mayor Jerry Trenas, who unveiled the first smart lockers and the first MBOX community hub of the Visayas region.

The first two MBOX Smart Lockers were installed at MerryMart Diversion and Ferry Terminal CityMall-Parola.

MBOX Smart Lockers are self-service lockers that are accessible 24/7, where users can pick up and drop off packages at their convenience. Packages are delivered and placed inside MBOX Smart Lockers by couriers, hence eliminating the need for face-to-face contact. As soon as a package arrives, it is UV light disinfected, and the locker sends an SMS text alert with a pick-up code to the recipient.


The MBOX Community Hub at MerryMart Diversion is a first of its kind. The hub will eventually house an ATM next to the MBOX locker so people of the community can withdraw cash and pick-up packages in one convenient stop, 24/7. Also, MerryMart Diversion customers can call in their orders and pick-up and pay at the MBOX smart locker.

“This pandemic has seen a record rise in deliveries and has highlighted the need for a contactless, efficient, and green delivery alternative. But beyond this, we believe that MBOX will improve Filipinos’ purchase experience and give buyers, couriers, and sellers a more convenient, efficient, and secure alternative for delivering and receiving packages,” said MerryMart and MBOX Chairman Edgar “Injap” Sia II.


“With MBOX Community Hub, we aim to bridge the distance gap by consolidating delivery in key locations. The cost and time saving will enable couriers to offer more competitive delivery prices, thus making online shopping more accessible to the community,” explained MBOX CEO & President Ginger Co-See.

“Customers can also now download the free MBOX Smart Lockers App to check the status of their packages and remotely pick-up packages from the locker with a click of a button,” said MBOX Head of Technology Fernando de Guzman II.

“Iloilo City is highly progressive and a good fit for the MBOX technology. MBOX hopes to help drive further the modernization of Iloilo,” added MBOX Head of Partnerships Liel Gonzalez. “E-commerce in the Philippines continues to grow rapidly, and as that trend moves forward, the role of MBOX in that value chain is inevitable. We envision MBOX to soon be a must-have in practically every strategic spot in the country,” added Mr. Sia, as MBOX aims to expand its network to 5,000 MBOX Smart Lockers nationwide by 2030.

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